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Halloween Event 2019

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[+] Halloween Event Part 1 [+]
..... Talk to NPC Gramps Grayson at Niflheim Field 01 - 212 117
..... Choose to help him, and he will warp you inside his mansion
..... Talk to Gramps inside his mansion
..... Gramps will tell you the story about one of his protege, Mumun
..... Your task is to help him collect some herbs
..... Gramps will give you a hat as a key to enter his secret room
..... Equip the hat and walk to his secret room
..... Read the book, and go for Jamu Potion
..... Bring all the herbs enough for 5 potion
..... Talk to Gramps again, and ask about other secret ingredient
..... Gramps will ask you to only collect all the herbs (Pink Leaves and Zombie Mushroom)
..... To dig the old grave at Niflheim, you will need 1 pc Field Shovel
..... Nolan sold the shovel for 5000 zeny each, he's at his pumpkin field near the Gramps mansion
..... Collect the Pink Leaves from Niflheim Field 01, look for Weird Bush
..... Weird Bush will re-appear every 30 minutes
..... With Field Shovel in your inventory, go to Niflheim and digging on Old Grave around the town
..... Once you've collect all the items, go back to Gramps
..... Gramps will asked you to meet at his secret room
..... Inside the room, he will brew the Jamu Potion
..... He will give you the potion and ask you to deliver them to his protege
..... You must figure out who need to drink first
..... After you cure all the injured protege of Gramps, talk to Gramps
..... Gramps will give you a small give as a thank you
..... He will ask you to come back next week for part 2
..... [ Main quest part 01 Finished ]

..... Now you can collect as much Zombie Mushroom as you desire, it will be used on Part 2 Next Week
..... Now you can access NPC Halloween Event Shop at Maintown
....... Limited costume during Halloween week with costume Ticket A & B
..... Monster special Jakk will drop Halloween Coin (itemid: 6658) for 5% (max 2 drop/mob)
....... Spawn at Maintown 250 monster
....... Spawn at Niflheim 150 monster

[+] Halloween Event Part 2 [+]
..... Talk back to NPC Gramps Grayson inside his mansion to start the quest part 2
..... Gramps will ask you to meet outside his mansion
..... Outside his mansion, talk to Gramps and he will tell you to wait there
..... Wait while Gramps visit his colleage, don't move
..... After Gramps comes back, he will give you direction to meet him and his colleage
..... Follow the direction he gave (turn /effect ON)
..... When you arrived from the direction, you will find 3 NPC (Gramps, Lady Icemelt, Mason)
..... Talk to Gramps first, he will introduce you to his colleage
..... Gramps will give you the first task, to collect 25 Poisonus Mushroom
..... Read carefully what Gramps tell you
..... Bring as many as you need Holy Water and Cursed Water
..... Find Magical Bush at Niflheim Field 02, click on it as Gramps isntruct before
..... After you collect 25 Poisonus Mushroom, talk to Gramps then talk to Lady Icemelt
..... Do not eat the Poisonus Mushroom or you will need to find it again
..... Give the mushroom to Lady Icemelt
..... Lady Icemelt will ask you to help Mason
..... Bring all items that Mason ask and give it to him
..... After giving the items to Mason, stand beside him to protect you from monster around
..... After Mason cast the spell without interuption, talk to Gramps
..... Gramps will give you special reward for helping him!
..... End of quest part 2

..... After finishing the main quest part 2, you can start digging at old grave at Niflheim again

..... Add new section Costume at NPC Hallowewn Event Shop
..... Add new section with Zombie Mushroom as the currency

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